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American Vintage Bicycles

bicycling 2 American Vintage Bicycles

Collecting American Vintage bicycles is a hobby many people don’t understand until they’re deeply immerged within their newly-forming obsession. Even those who love bicycles and bicycling, as I do, don’t know much about the world of classic bicycles. It seems we’re too busy concentrating on the newest or latest bicycling fads, equipment, and technology.

After starting my first website about Bicycles and Bicycling, I’ve discovered a whole new world of cycling with vintage and old bicycles. After bidding on my first vintage bike on eBay, this beautiful Elgin bicycle, I was hooked.

seperetor American Vintage Bicycles

American Vintage Bicycles Topics

seperetor American Vintage Bicycles

With the world’s obsession with the newest, latest, and greatest gadgets, people often overlook the beauty and nostalgia associated with classic or vintage items such as cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

These vintage items can be rare or difficult to find, but they are beautiful, interesting, valuable and sure to pique your interest when you delve into the world of vintage and classic bicycles.

American Vintage bicycles are beautiful and romantic. They spark feelings of nostalgia that take us back to “the good old days” of our childhood. They are an example of fine engineering, beautiful design, and amazing craftsmanship.

Classic bicycles are made of the highest quality materials available for bicycles at the time, so they’re quite heavy, but they will last for years to come. In addition, many bicycles, particularly those considered to be antique, were made by hand. This type of craftsmanship is nearly impossible to find today.

If you’re interested in the world of American vintage and classic bicycles, or you’re looking to become involved with this fascinating realm of cycling, you have come to the right place. It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the world of American vintage bicycles!

seperetor American Vintage Bicycles
“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of bike riding”
John F. Kennedy
seperetor American Vintage Bicycles

24 Responses to American Vintage Bicycles

  1. Drew Petrou

    I have a 1958 schwinn hornet tank bike that bought and rode for a while. It is really solid and has new bottom bracket. i have to sell her. If you know anyone interested please let me know. Not everyone is interested in these things and this one is a good one. Happy to send images to anyone interested. Also have a plain 63′ hornet with front rack.


    • Kevin

      Your best bet is There are two 1958 Schwinn Hornets for sale right now. One is going for $500 USD and the other Hornet is set at $1,250 USD with zero bids.

      Generally collectors prefer all the parts to be original. If the bottom bracket is still usable, I’d suggest offering the part with the bicycle when you sell it. Don’t re-install it. The better the condition of the bicycle, the more money it will fetch. If you live in a large city with a large market for bicycles, you could try selling it locally for around $1,000 USD and adjust accordingly. I wouldn’t let go of this bicycle for less than $500 USD.

      If you appreciate the bicycle and enjoy riding it, you might consider keeping it for yourself!

      The 1963 Hornet has a similar value. These bicycles are great for putting motors on and cruising around town. If the ’63 is in good condition, I wouldn’t settle for less than $700 USD.

      Owners of vintage Schwinn Hornets tend to hold on to these bicycles because of their vintage style, hot-rod decals, and sturdy, steel frame.

      Please feel free to send images so we can look at these bicycles!


    Help! I found an old balloon wheel bike with MAM on the nameplate and a New Direction coaster brake model c on it can you tell me the Manuf.of this bike Thank you for any info.Pete

  3. Kevin


    This is Kevin with american-vintage-bicycles.

    I just wanted to add that we’re excited about growing even more content on the site.

    1. We’ve opened a forum

    We hope you might take a look and share you thoughts on anything vintage cycling. You can share your other hobbies and interests with us as well.

    We still love to help identify vintage and antique bicycles. Remember, though, that most of these bicycles were created for enjoyment, and not collecting. That is why we love them so much. But because of this, identifying bicycles isn’t always an exact science. Still, we’re more than happy to help!

    2. We’re opening a photo gallery

    You can post pictures of your latest finds, interests, or any photographs of vintage bicycles you’ve taken yourself.

    3. We’re working on a write-ups section

    We’d like to take the time to write stories about some of the vintage bicycles we come across. Often times, we come across rich, interesting bicycles that are begging for a little more information.

  4. ronnie

    I have jc higgins 16 bike barn find all org huffy slick modifed radio flyer tric and now a murray tric with 17 in front wheel it needs new front tire can someone help me

    • Kevin

      What would you like help with, Ronnie? Finding a new front tire? Appraising the bicycles?

  5. ronnie

    yes tire would be great price ok but I cant figure out how to get back on V B site I have changed passs word any way any help would be great I just got home from road an tired right now will send mess later

  6. ronnie

    ok got on the site AVB now I will be able to add more I also have skip tooth Elgin and fixng to trade foe ols columbia not sure how to spell still tired from driving last week got to get started on many projects I have 4 mini bikes to work on and building two Ironhead sp[ortys

    • Kevin

      Hey, Ronnie! Glad you got logged back in. Where are you making the trade? Tell us more about your projects, Ronnie – David and I are always excited about vintage projects.

  7. ronnie

    glad you sent message I just got home from road I do local trades here in Ala with some old traders have sold a couple bust I like to give them to my grand kids these old bikes are still good and will be around for alot more years than we will be I have another trike started and another one to pick up plus two more bikes elgin columbia

    • David

      Hi Ronnie
      Thank you again for your comment
      Now you can upload image files directly with a comment. Take a look.
      I am looking forward to your vintage bicycle images
      Thank you

  8. martha paul

    we have come up with an old bike. it says suzuki ringle on it. has 3 wheels and pivots. also has a gear on front tire that runs headlights when tire is moving. cant find info on it. can u help?

  9. martha paul

    i’m not very good with computers so i hope this works. we found one picture on flickr by going to google images and typing in suzuki cargo bicycle. hope this helps cause we would really like to find out anything about this bike. the picture i’m trying to send is one we took. thanks for your help

  10. David Brown

    I would like to share another bicycle with everyone it`s a 1937 Columbia Superb Special 50th Anniversary. I`v been told there were only so many of them built . I beleave it`s all original serial # B122393 which I bought off Ebay a few yeary ago for $ 700.00 . The owner of the bike told me it had been in his barn long before he was born and sat in the same corner and know one really paid much attention to it . When I saw it I just had to have it .

  11. David Brown

    seems like i`m having a hard time posting ? Well thats not going to stop me ill just have to keep on trying till I get it right …

  12. terry reck

    I am looking for a source for the decals for as mercury tri cycle.

  13. Roark broadie

    Who makes my bike year date anything info the vin is B137052G26 and its a womans bike older

  14. Katelynn

    I have a 1950 Western Flyer for sale good condition!


  15. joe herman

    ive been trying for a long time to find out some imformation on my tricyle with no luck. i hope you can help me . its a metal horse chain drive with a cam ed rear axle to move the hores up and down its pretty ruff but is really a neat bike. any help from any one would be reall helpful.heres a picture of it.

    thanks joe

  16. dj

    I have a 1950 schwinn panther in great shape 10 out of 13 made just wanted to know what it is worth
    Thank you dj

  17. wes Adamson

    I have a 1950′s Huffy bike up for sale

    A stylish 1950s vintage women’s bicycle by Huffy. It features a teal finish to the frame, with chromed wheel guards and handle bars. It is single-speed, and still has its vintage white-wall tires, and appears to be in good and rideable condition.

    Good condition
    - minor wear and rust flecks to the metal, ready to ride…Great beach bike!

    Presently being up for bidding at the following local Cincinnati EBTH auction site below:

  18. Joni W

    I have an American Flyer tandem bicycle and I’m unsure of the year or if it may be of significant value. It does have some rust but otherwise appears to be original part.

  19. Jim Hickey

    Check Ebay ad 261898039432
    One of a kind!!!

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