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    Hi there. My husband brought home a Western Flyer Tandem bicycle last night – it was from his friend’s farm. They were cleaning out one of the barns and found a number of bicycles, so his friend told us to take what we wanted.

    Since it was late when he got home and obviously dark outside, I thought I’d search the internet today in hopes of finding some information – it netted very few results. I’m hoping someone here can help us identify our tandem bike.

    1. How can we tell if it was made by another mfr?
    2. How do you identify the year built? Is there a serial number somewhere?
    3. The bicycle, from all indications, is complete, although it needs a little love to restore its former beauty. Is it best to leave the patina and cracked chain cover, or do a complete restore?

    Many thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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