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About Us

about me riding my bikes

I can divide the story of my love affair with bicycles into three chapters.

At the age of 4 I got my first three-wheeled bicycle from my parents. At that time I did not know that it was just the beginning of a lifetime experience. I have a very clear image of myself riding on my childhood bicycles in these early days of mine.

At the age of 40, my wife bought me a special birthday present: a brand new diamondback bicycle. This marked the 2nd cycling chapter. I’ve started to ride different types of mountain bikes regularly, near my home and abroad, in many bicycling tours around the world.

Three years ago – The third and current bicycling love affair of mine started three years ago when I started my first website about Bicycles and Bicycling.

Many things have changed over these years. In October 2010, I took part in a gorgeous bike riding trip along the Rhine River in Germany, France, and Switzerland. We were two bikers on our first yet short bicycle touring trip, exploring the beauty of the Rhine Valley, as well as ourselves and our passion for bicycling.

In May 2015, two of my best friends and I had another great trip: a bicycle trip in Japan. You are invited to read more about our 450 km bike ride from Takayama to Kyoto.

My Bicycles and Bicycling Websites

My official education is an electrical engineer with years of experience in software development. In the last ten years, I have been developing software for GPS navigation. Over the years, I had some ideas on how to put my creation on the market. The last one was to build a website that would help me in the mission.

Me and SBI

I have a neighbor and a dear friend, Elad Shippony. For several years, Elad told me inspiring stories about SBI (Site Build It), about working from home, the freedom it offers and as a way to make my dreams come true. Some of Elad’s inspiring websites are in the SBI results list.

But until the end of 2009, I had neither the time, energy, nor courage to make my dream come true: creating my website, my own business, and beginning my journey towards the goal of working from home. Elad suggested I use SBI to build my website to sell my software. This is how I was exposed to the wonderful world of SBI.

As you can see, this site is not about GPS software. It is about me and my main hobby, bicycle riding. My GPS software site is still waiting for me to complete it. I find so much joy in building www.american-vintage-bicycles.com , that I am willing to put my other dream aside, at least for now.

Moving Oמ to WordPress

SBI is the perfect platform for anyone who is just new to creating websites, or for anyone who doesn’t need Dynamic websites. It has a great Action Guide, as well as superb support. It will take you by hand and guide you through the process of creating great “do it yourself” websites, but – it is limited.

On the other hand, WordPress is the leading CMS (Content Management System) in the world. It is based on the PHP scripting language, as well as on the open-source phpMySQL server. As I became more experienced in creating websites, I feel that I am ready to move on to a more advanced (and challenging) platform, and I am so happy with this move! I have the intention to assist other SBI’rs who are thinking about moving their SBI websites to WordPress.

My Other Websites

I have several websites. Most of them are about Bicycles and Bicycling. Take a look:

  • bicycle-riding.com – Visit this web site and explore the wonderful world of bicycle riding: Different types of riding styles, bicycles, equipment, clothes, as well as many of my trips and more.

  • bicycle-pumps.com – There are many types of bicycle pumps. There are portable bicycle tire pumps, floor pumps, and even electric pumps. This website will help you find the best bicycle pump for your needs.

  • outdoorstorage911.com – Here you can find some great outdoor storage ideas. Keep your garden tools in a covered and secured space so that they serve you well for years!

  • vintage-tricycles.com – Collecting vintage tricycles and vintage bicycles is not very common. If you are one of these enthusiasts you came to the right place.

Thank you for visiting my site.
For any questions and comments you are invited to write me by using the Contact Us form.


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