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Since BMX bikes are a fairly new invention, they are just becoming old enough to become vintage.

BMX Bike History

The use of BMX bikes began in the early 1970s in Southern California. Children started racing their bicycles around dirt tracks to imitate their motocross heroes. At this time, Schwinn had a bicycle, the Sting-Ray, that kids customized for performance. By the mid 1970s, BMX racing was the newest phenomenon.

In 1979, Richard Long and Gary Turner formed a company called GT Bicycles. This company was one of the first major producers of a genuine BMX bike.

Increasing Popularity

The 1980s saw a huge increase in popularity of the BMX bike. The International BMX Federation was created in the 1980s and the first BMX World Championships were held in the 80s as well. One of the most popular movies of the time, “ET” even featured a BMX bike. It was from this area that vintage BMX bikes emerged.

In the 1990s, BMX bikes and biking continued to increase in popularity. BMX bikes went through a lot of product innovation at the time to make these bikes superior for BMX racing and tricks. During this era, GT was known as one of the best manufacturers of BMX bikes.

By 2003, BMX racing was considered a mainstream sport and was added as an Olympic event for the 2008 Olympics. BMX riding had definitely come a long way since Southern California kids were converting their Stingrays into racing bikes on a dirt track!

Owning a Vintage BMX Bike

A vintage BMX bicycle is a great vintage bicycle to own today because they can fetch such a hefty price tag on the vintage market. They are really quite valuable and popular as collector’s items. Their popularity is most likely associated with the popularity of the sport of BMX in general.

Did you know…?

Vintage BMX Bike

Did you know that the 1980s were considered the “golden age” of BMX cycling?

The 1980s saw not just major technological innovations in the area of BMX bicycle manufacturing, courtesy of GT Bicycles, but also greater exposure for the sport. That’s why vintage BMX bikes from the 1980s are the most highly coveted of all vintage BMX bicycles.

A BMX bike is one of the only bicycle styles inspired by, and created specifically for a sport. Most bicycles were originally created as a mode of transportation, and style spin offs were then created for racing, mountain biking, etc, but BMX bikes were never intended as a mode of transportation. They were intended to be used for the sport of BMX racing, stunting, and tricks. For this reason, they are very popular amongst BMX enthusiasts, and they carry a hefty price tag.

EBay carries a big selection of vintage BMX bicycles, and the average going rate is around the $500.00 mark. There are several over $1000.00, and one or two over $3500.00. It seems as if a vintage BMX bike is one of the most valuable vintage bicycles you can own today.

Books About BMX Bicycles

More information about BMX bicycles can be found on several informative books. Take a look:

Vintage BMX Bike
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Vintage BMX Bike

Last Word about Vintage BMX Bikes

If you have been emerged in the world of BMX biking, or you’re thinking of getting involved, you’re in for some excitement. If you’re already into vintage bicycles, and you’re thinking of getting into BMX, then you’re definitely in for a real treat. The world of vintage BMX bicycles is just starting to explode in popularity.

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