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Since mountain bikes haven’t been around nearly as long as regular bicycles, they are just becoming old enough to be considered “vintage.”

Mountain Bike Beginnings

For as long as bicycles have existed, people were using their regular bicycles to ride off-road. Since the early 1900s adventurists rode their bicycles up mountains and on trails to stay in shape, enjoy the outdoors, and for extreme sport and adventure.

Unfortunately, this type of riding was extremely rough on bicycles, oftentimes completely destroying them, so in the late 1970s and early 1980s bicycle companies began manufacturing bicycles specifically for off-roading and rough terrain. They called them mountain bikes.

The first mountain bikes were made using regular bicycle frames with thicker tubing and a wider fork allowing bigger, wider tires. The handlebars were also straight instead of curving downward. Many considered this “strange” bicycle as simply a fad, but they were definitely wrong.

Mainstream Mountain Bikes

Vintage mountain bikes came from mountain bikes that were mainstream in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Did you know…?

Did you know that when mountain biking first became a popular sport in the 1970s, it was dismissed by leading bike manufacturers as a passing fad?

That’s why the oldest vintage mountain bikes aren’t made by major bicycle companies such as Schwinn, but by smaller, less famous companies such as Specialized and Ritchey.

These vintage mountain bikes aren’t easy to find, but their superb build quality makes them well worth your while.

During this time, mountain biking became a mainstream sport. Mountain bikes, which were recently only available at expensive specialty shops, became mainstream. You could pick up a mountain bike at any retailer that carried bicycles.

Mountain bikes were made to stand up to very rough, rocky terrain. They were bulky with wide tires, and were built to be more comfortable over bumps, jumps, drops, and rocks. Many mountain bikes today have sophisticated shocks and braking components made to withstand the extreme conditions they encounter. In addition, many mountain bikes of today are dabbling with rear suspension to add a dimension of comfort for the rocky, bumpy terrain encountered by mountain bike enthusiasts.

Later Mountain Bikes

Less old mountain bikes are bikes theat were made in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Vintage mountain bike enthusiasts are a fairly new phenomena. Since mountain bikes are such a recent invention, the first “vintage models” are just coming into existence.

Even though they are so new, there are still a lot of vintage mountain bikes on the market, and they fetch a great price. Since mountain bikes are such recent inventions, they’re often made with expensive, modern metals like titanium, making them more valuable than some vintage bicycles. Vintage and old mountain bikes and frames average around $500.00 on eBay. Some in mint condition or some rare mountain bikes can get well over $1000.00 on the market. Check out the following link:

Books About Vintage Mountain Bikes

More information about vintage mountain bikes can be found on several informative books. Take a look:

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Last Word About Vintage Mountain Bikes

Whether you ever owned a mountain bike or not, you’re sure to love a vintage mountain bike. They will make a “different” addition to your vintage collection. They are interesting, fun, and a small piece of bicycle history. Check local markets, the Internet, and even your garage or basement. Maybe that mountain bike you’ve had sitting around the last 20 or 30 years is now a valuable, vintage piece.

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