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With all those aerodynamics compiled and most advanced modern road racing bicycles, the vintage road bicycles have not lost their attraction and charm in the eyes of classic bicycles lovers.

The induction of new and innovative technologies in the bicycles has a great effect on the bicycle road racing. Many sports critiques are claiming that the introduction of modern technologies in bicycles gives undue advantage to the rider over its competitors. This is why the road bicycles of the past are given more preference over the advanced bicycles younger to 1990’s.

History of Road Cycling

The history of road cycling is as old as the bicycles themselves. The early history of road cycling resides in Europe, which gave birth to so many road cycling events. Some of them are still famous today.

Did you know…?

Did you know that road cycling has been an event in the Olympic Games for more than a century?

Road cycling races were first seen in the 1860s. As these events gained widespread acclaim, the Olympic Committee decided to incorporate the sport into the Olympic schedule from the 1896 Athens games onwards.

This is one of the reasons for finding so many road bikes belonging to the vintage British cycle collection. The first road cycling race took place in Jun 1868 at Hendon, Middlesex, England.

The road cycling got that much popularization that British organized a worldwide championship race in the year 1893. Cycling was made part of Olympics games in 1896.

The Tour de France is yet another famous cycling event that originated in Europe back in 1903.

In the beginning of the 20th century, many countries started to participate in international events and the fame of road cycling penetrated deep in the masses. The international cycling body, Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), introduced the very first World Road Race Championships on July 21, 1927 in Nürburgring, Germany.

Here Are Some Famous Vintage Road Bicycles

Let us sneak into the history to find out some classic road bikes that earned worldwide repute in road cycling events:

Cinelli road cycles

Cino Cinelli, a professional bicycle racer with practical experience of over 15 years invented a specialized racing bicycle class in 1948 in Italy. Due to the racing expertise of Cino Cinelli and his geniality in mechanics made possible the production of some finest vintage road bikes. The Cinelli Torino is one of the most famous bicycle models of 70’s, which is still priced $2000+ in international markets.


Celo Europa

Yet another vintage road bicycle belongs to Italy – a country that has given many old road bicycles to the lovers of classic road bikes. The Colnagos model from the company earned high repute in the vintage category and is still available for around $1000 in good condition.



Alan is a relatively new brand of road cycle makers with its inception back in 1972. The N.R. Alan and S.R. Alan are two of the most famous vintage road bicycles form the maker that can be purchased below $1000 in international market.



Coming to some American brands of bicycles, Trek is the leader of road cycling since its inception in 1975. Trek has made more road cycles than any other US cycle brand. The Trek 300 keep it’s distinguish name in the vintage road bikes across the world. Models 520 and 400 are yet some other famous road bicycles of Trek.


Take a look at this vintage Trek road bike found on eBay:

You can find much more information about vintage Trek bicycles here.

Books About Vintage Road Bicycles

More information about vintage road bicycles can be found on several informative books. Take a look:

Vintage Road Bicycles
Vintage Road Bicycles
Vintage Road Bicycles

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