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Dayton bicycles is the manufacturing name for Huffington Cycles. Lines from this manufacturer include the Huffman and Huffy, but Dayton was one of the most popular.

These bikes can be difficult to find, especially in prime condition. Those that do manage to find a Dayton can expect to take on a great deal of restoration work to get the bike back to working order. Vintage parts for Dayton vintage bicycles can be found in a variety of conditions that should suit several makes and models of Dayton bikes.

About Dayton Vintage Bicycles

Dayton bicycles from Huffington were popular at the early turn of the century. These bikes were frequently known for their fat tires, beautiful chrome accents and elaborate paint jobs. In the late 1930s and early 1940s the Dayton line looked very similar to the Schwinn Phantom with a wide base that tapered off toward the back wheel.

Most bikes from Huffman lines that are still out in collection circles have become rusted or painted over, though it is possible to restore these bikes to show the original bike. The key to restoring Dayton bicycles is including the fat tires that were so iconic to a Huffman cycle.

Medels and Hardware

NOS Vintage 26″ Balloon Tire

Dayton cycles were known for the balloon tire frames. This frame set includes 36 spoke holes on 26 inch rims in the classic vintage style. Spoke holes on this model can hold .080 or .105 nipples on your spoke set. The classic chrome finish is intact, which is a well-known aspect of the Dayton bike line.

Vintage 26″ Stainless Double Butted Spokes

26 inch spokes are ideal for outfitting the wide tires typically associated with Dayton cycles. The double button spokes are a classic sign of the original. This includes 72 spokes with 10 5/8 nipples on 14 gage .080 spokes. Sets include enough spokes to outfit a full tire, but they can also be spliced in with original spokes that are undamaged without standing out as a modern replacement.

Vintage Antique Bicycle Medallion Dayton Cycle

Emblems or models that denote a specific association with the Dayton line are hard to find. Original artifacts such as medallions were often fixed on the handlebars or center of the frame. These chrome elements are still adhered to original portions of the frame which will need to be restored in order to include these items on a new bicycle. Pipes can be welded into place or attached with screws. The medallion should remain attached to the original model without requiring adjustment.

Did you know…?

Did you know that Huffington Bicycles was one of the first bike manufacturers to explore shock-absorbing technology for bicycles?

The Dayton Cushion Frame Roadster produced in 1913 was unique because its construction was tailor-made for better impact absorption when other bike manufacturers were focusing primarily on making lightweight and better-looking bikes.

It’s no surprise Dayton bicycles gained a reputation as some of the most comfortable bikes around.


Dayton bicycles were a popular line out of Ohio, manufactured by Huffman bicycles. These bikes are difficult to find in today’s market, but there are many resources to help collectors identify original Dayton’s for their collection.

Most original parts will require restoration in order to return them to riding condition. Parts from Schwinn models can often be used to replace missing, rusted or damaged parts on an original Dayton since both brands featured similar shapes and classic fat tires.

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