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Take a look at this great Elgin vintage bicycle that was on sale on eBay

Elgin bicycles started its operations in the early 1920’s by introducing a different style of bicycles for men, women and youth. Elgin bikes were very popular among all the riders who loved to go out and enjoy a ride on a stylish bicycle.

The Uniqueness of Elgin bicycles

Elgin has produced variety of bicycles, what made them one of the distinguished companies in this industry. The frame of an Elgin bike has a diamond shape: This was referred at this age as boy’s bike.

Did you know…?

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Did you know that some vintage Elgin bicycles were inspired by American automobile designs?

A good example would be the Elgin Twinbar prewar bicycles. These sported features like finned air-cooled hubs Gothic-style fenders which were popular design features among automobile designers of the 1930s. This is one reason why Elgin bicycles have such a unique look.

  • Elgin bikes were available in range of colors: cherry red with black trim, cream and brown, green trimmed with black, and many more.
  • Elgin bikes offered protective mudguards on both front and rear wheels. To make it more unique, the front guard had a built in splashier.
  • Elgin bikes were incorporated with a bicycle repair kit, to repair the bike if needed.
  • Elgin bikes had two very durable and quality tires. They promised a soft ride and they lasts thousands of miles.
  • The rack has the ability to carry maximum weigh, which again makes it distinguish form other vintage bicycles.
  • Besides being very stylish, the fenders used on Elgin bikes made them more fitted for riding on wet and muddy trails, where riders on other bikes did not have this luxury.
  • The saddle that was used on an Elgin bike was made from quality materials, and gave the rider a comfortable pose. Due to it’s high quality it would last for years, and stayed comfortable as it initially was.
  • Lastly, the frames used in Elgin bikes were not only made from high quality materials, but also were very stylish. As a frame is one of the core parts of any bicycle, this gave the Eglin bikes their special look.

Elgin’s Different Models

Elgin bikes have numerous models in its range, which make it well competitive in the bicycle industry. As variety matters in today’s age, it was always an important factor, what made Elgin so special maker in their time.

Nowadays, when so many of us are looking for vintage bicycles, this variety of Eglin bikes makes this maker very popular as well.

Here are some of the vintage Elgin models:

Check Out These Elgin Vintage Bicycles on eBay

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Elgin Bicycles Prices

Once I tried to buy an Elgin bicycle from eBay. I still keep a picture of the bike here. Unfortunately, I did not win the bid, and I still feel sorry that I did not raise the bid. Such a beautiful vintage bike is not easy to find!

Since Elgin bike has been the utmost choice for tour riders as well as for the general public, it is somewhat surprising that the vintage Elgin bicycles are available at reasonable and affordable prices. As always, the prices vary and depend on model and condition. In order for you to get a sense of vintage Elgin bikes and for other new and old bicycles, you can visit this website.

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