1950's JC Higgins Vintage Bicycle  (Used - 1800 USD)
1950's JC Higgins Vintage Bicycle 
(Used - 1800 USD)

J C Higgins bicycle is one of the most important and famous products of J C Higgins, a famous brand name used by Sears Roebuck and Co, a chain of departmental stores based in America.

J C Higgins was an expert in different kinds of sports goods and quickly became very popular in working-class and rural consumers. Roebuck and Co. produced most of the outstanding bicycle designs of that time. All the Sear’s bicycles sold after world war-II are known as J C Higgins bicycles, while others are named as Elgin bicycles.

Early Era of Higgins Bicycles

The most popular and exclusive bicycles of Sears Roebuck and Co. are Elgin Bluebird, Blackhawk, Robin, Spaceliner and Flight linger.

The manufacturing of JC Higgins bicycle started after World War II, and several models were produced at that time. The most popular bicycle model was manufactured in 1949. It was an excellent JC Higgins bicycle that had some special features, like the dual headlight and the Batwing.

Moreover, all Higgins bicycles were made of pure American steel, and that is the reason why they last for such a long time.

Did you know…?

1950's JC Higgins Vintage Bicycle  (Used - 1800 USD)

Did you know that the JC Higgins Space Liner is one of the few vintage bike models that perform well in wet weather?

This is because it features coaster brakes which are protected from the weather, ensuring their effectiveness will not be compromised in wet or icy conditions.

Coaster brakes were a relatively new innovation in those days, so not many vintage bikes incorporated them. JC Higgins was one of the few manufacturers with the foresight to incorporate coaster brakes into its popular bike models.

Middle Era of Higgins Bicycles

The years between 1950 and 1960 are considered as the middle era of J C Higgins bicycles. During this era, several JC Higgins bicycle models were manufactured with some new and improved features.

J.C. Higgins 100 in 1954 and J.C. Higgins Flightline in 1959 were two of the most famous bicycles of that era, for both men and women. The improved features were chrome tanks, Silver paint, fenders, rims, beehive Springer, headlight, rear carrier, balloon tires, and more.

The Last Era of Higgins bicycles

The 1960’s were the last era of the J C Higgins bicycle. During these years, there was a tough competition between the different makers.

To gain a competitive advantage, Sears Roebuck started to made new models of JC Higgins bicycles that had several improved features and new designs. One of the most significant features was the reduced weight: new Higgins bikes had lightweight, in compare to previous models, and to the competitors.

Lightweight bicycles are easier to ride by everyone, and this is mostly significant to both kids and females riders. The 1960’s Space Liner was the most popular JC Higgins bicycle cruisers of that era. This stylish women bicycle had several unique features, such as:

  • 26″ Springer Fork
  • 16″ Front wheel
  • 24″ Slick Rear Tire
  • Tank rack
  • Mag sprocket
  • Excellent coaster brakes
  • Steel frame
  • Removable chain guard


The JC Higgins bicycles are made from pure American steel, so people in America feel pride to buying such antique products. Higgins bicycles are available in different auctions and antiques stores, but, again, the best place to find these antiques is on eBay.

If you are checking on eBay (and eBay is the best place to buy vintage bicycles online), then you will find out that the price of a typical JC Higgins bicycle varies from $50 to $2000.

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1950's JC Higgins Vintage Bicycle  (Used - 1800 USD)1950's JC Higgins Vintage Bicycle 
(Used - 1800 USD)
Jc Higgins Tandem Bicycle Original Rare (Used - 1200 USD)Jc Higgins Tandem Bicycle Original Rare
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Vintage JC Higgins  1940's Made In USA (Used - 999 USD)Vintage JC Higgins 1940's Made In USA
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    Bought this bike at a swap meet— fell in love with it! But I would like to know how old it is and what original parts is it missing so I can restore it a bit. Marked 502 46170(4?) 178089 by bendix

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