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The Monark vintage bicycles were produced by the Monark Silver King Inc. This company was one of those several companies that produced their first bicycle in the balloon tire age.

Some people are mixing up two bicycle makers: “Monark” and “Monarch”. Just note: Monarch was another company that produced bicycles in 1890’s.

Did you know…?

Did you know that monark now manufactures electric bicycles?

This vintage bike manufacturer has kept with the times with their gorgeous Elcykel, an electric bicycle that combines the speed and power of an electric motor with the aesthetic appeal of the classic Monark design. It’s a gorgeous blend of past and present.

The Early Monark Models

Monark Silver King Inc. produced some finest Monark models, such as Wingbar and Flocycle. In 1937, Monark introduced the “Flocycle” with hex shaped handlebar, fork strut tubing, lens, and rear reflectors.

Some of Monark’s unique features are their distinctive leaf springs that produces flex, spring steel rods inside the aluminum tubing to keep back seat away of the bike frame – to enable a soft ride.

Another Monark famous model with similar kind of features is Silverking M-137 Wingbar. Take a look at this page about the Monark Silver King bicycle model.

During the 1940’s and the 1950’s, Monark Super Deluxe was one of the most famous models of Monark bikes. At these days, Monark’s bikes came with features that made them fast and comfortable. These features include rear carrier with chrome trim, headlight, dual spring fork and horn tank etc.

In the 1950’s, children bicycles became very popular as more and more kids started to ride. To compete with other makers that identified this trend, Monark introduced some stylish, mid weight bicycles for kids.

While the style was similar to previous models, Monark focused on new features. One of their main features was lightweight tires, to improve performance. The Silver King is the one of best and last Monark models. It has all the good features of previous models, plus a new design and style.

Other models

From balloon tire age to 1960’s, Monark has produced many models. It is very hard to mention each and every one of them, but I will try to list some of Monark’s famous models:

The Last Era of The Monarch Bicycle

In the 1960’s, Huffy have started to produce Monark bicycles under its name.

Prices of Vintage Monark Bicycles

Since the production of Monark bikes was ended on the 1960’s, they considered as “vintage bicycles” and their prices went up. As so with other vintage bikes, their prices are varying according to their model, features and condition. Moreover, if you search on eBay you will find out that you can buy Monark bicycles on a price range of $60 to $2000, mainly depends on their uniqueness.

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