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Murray Bicycles

The classic Murray bicycles were built for both style and quality in mind. At their time they were a perfect choice, giving great riding and luxurious outdoor experience to their many riders.

Take a look at some of Murray’s vintage models on eBay Murray Bicycles:

Murray Bikes, being known as a collector’s choice, are certainly one of the most stylish bikes. Collectors are holding these vintage bicycles in a high esteem for their unique structures.

Tip: For a touch of luxury, seek out Murray’s Pacemaker Mercury bicycle.

The Pacemaker Mercury bicycle Murray Bicycles never really took off upon its introduction in 1939 as it was extremely expensive.

The gorgeous polished chrome and aluminum frame and the ornate diecast metal head, however, simply oozed elegance and sophistication, making this one of the most highly sought after Murray vintage models today. If you can find one, be sure to snap it up.

Being radical and with progressive models, they are certainly distinctive, exquisite and known to be far ahead of other companies.

Murray was founded in 1919, but it presented its first Pacemaker series only in 1939. These bikes were first presented on the New York Fair, and were designed by the industrial artist Viktor Schreckengost, a well known streamline designer.

The Classic Murray Bikes were the most stylish and unique bicycles of their class, and were sold only to a few buyers. Only later on, from 1942 they became widely available for everyone.

Design and Features

The Murray Bikes being unique in their look: as in many other vintage products, and with vintage bicycles in particular, the key to success was the combination of style and features.

The structure of this bicycles are sturdy and durable, so that they were able to hold out stress and weather changes. Murray bicycles were equipped with tires that were meant to deal with a rough road, and a strong and durable frame that could last for long.

Talking about their style; Murray Bikes had a vintage style design. The riders could use their unique features and accessories that allowed them to ride through town in a stylish manner.

The Comfortable Saddle

One uniqueness of Murray bikes is their seats: a Murray bike comes equipped with a saddle that was easy to seat on, giving the rider a relaxing riding experience that did not affected his back or his hips in any manner. In addition, their saddles could be fitted to everyone.

Availability of Old Bicycle Parts

Due to their popularity, Murray’s old bicycle parts are widely available, and you can find them on many vintage bicycles retailers that are dealing with Murray bikes, as well as online Murray Bicycles.

The spare parts are widely available and the lists of the retailers that are dealing in them are listed on official website and forums etc. If you live in NYC I can recommend the Landmark Vintage Bicycles store.

If you line in California, you might take a look the list of California vintage bicycle stores and retailers.


Although they are stylish, durable and full of features, you will be surprise how easy it will be for you to find Murray vintage bicycle at an affordable price.

As Murray had so many different beautiful models and designs, it is quite hard to pass near a vintage bicycle store, or to visit an online bicycle museum without having a glance at them. You can buy a vintage Murray bicycle to your child, to your friend, and especially – to yourself.

5 Responses to Murray Bicycles

  1. Tamara Tuthill

    Hi, I have a Men’s 26″ Murray Cinco Bicycle.Would you happen know how much it might be worth?Any help with this would be very much appreciated.Thanks,Tamara

    • Kevin

      What year is the bicycle and what condition is it in? Could you send a picture? Murray’s have never been known for their craftsmanship, but a vintage model in great condition could be worth some money. A newer Murray normally won’t be worth very much.

  2. Linda

    I have a 70′s tricycle – green road runner dump in nice condition. I am trying to find a value for it. I have seen 2 each being sold. Hope you can help me with this.

    Thank you,


    • Kevin

      Are these adult tricycles or children’s tricycles?

      I’d say for children’s tricycles, I would shoot for ~$200 USD.

      If they’re adult tricycles, you could be looking at anywhere between ~$500-$1000 USD

      Murray is a very often collected and highly sought bicycle manufacturer. It’s a double-edged sword: they’re great collectables, easy to find; they generally don’t fetch very much cash because of their abundance.

      We’d love to see some pictures!

  3. Jimmie Elliott

    I recently acquired a vintage Murray men’s bike with the serial # B1569248 could you tell me the year of manufacture? Any help would be appreciated Thank you…Jimmie

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