Rollfast bicycles were a must for those who were looking for a trendy bicycle, at affordable price. These bicycles initially came in black and white colors, but later on, along it’s production period, Rollfast came with many other different colors, designs and styles. Take a look at some of these Rollfast bikes found on eBay:

Hopalong Cassidy Original Boys 20Hopalong Cassidy Original Boys 20" Bicycle Hoppy Rollfast Bike 1950's Nice!
(Used - 2950 USD)
1940's Rollfast Men Bicycle Red Restored Wheels 261940's Rollfast Men Bicycle Red Restored Wheels 26" Skip-Tooth Antique Americana
(Used - 2499 USD)
Vintage 1946 Rollfast  26Vintage 1946 Rollfast 26" Wheels Red Men Bicycle Little Falls NY
(Used - 1995 USD)
Vintage Rollfast Deluxe Bicycle 1940's or 1950's Button Tank Arkansas (Used - 1200 USD)Vintage Rollfast Deluxe Bicycle 1940's or 1950's Button Tank Arkansas
(Used - 1200 USD)

Rollfast was initially making roller skates. The parents who were not able to afford a 1952 Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy Super de Luxe 26″ Spring Fork Cowboy Bike, were buying Rollfast’s Roller Hopalong Cassidy Roller Skates.

Rollfast bicycles

Take a look at the real thing, the Hopalong Cassidy Rollfast from 1953 on eBay:

Hopalong Cassidy Original Boys 20
Hopalong Cassidy Original Boys 20" Bicycle Hoppy Rollfast Bike 1950's Nice!
(Used - 2950 USD)

Only after several years, Rollfast came up with the Super Deluxe Spring Fork Model, that quickly became one of the top of the range 26″ bicycles.

Owning and riding a Rollfast bike has always been on the top priority of many, no matter what age group they belong to. This is because these bicycles were not only used for travelling purposes, but also because people love to own them as a vintage style icon.

Tip: For a real vintage look, seek Rollfast bikes with patina.

The term “patina” refers to the tarnish that develops on certain metals such as bronze on copper as a result of oxidation. This phenomenon is common among older bicycles and simply looks great on vintage Rollfast models like the Rollfast cruiser.

Styles and Models

There were lots of bicycle models and styles offered by Rollfast Company. Here are some of their famous models:

Ross Convertible Cruiser

This very small bicycle model had a blue color, and had a 20-inch wheels.

Rollfast bicycles - Ross Convertible Cruiser

Rollfast Cruiser

This Rollfast bike is famous for many reasons. The paint of the bicycle looks faded and orange. According to the feedback of the people, it looks crappy but more than it is a piece of art. Overall, the bicycle is great to use and beautiful to look at.

Rollfast bicycles - Cruiser


The Rollfast bikes are best for bicycle riders who are looking for bicycles that are both stylish and comfortable. Just look at the saddle to get a sense of how Rollfast approaches those two requirements. All the accessories of the bicycle including drive train, chain, grips, pedals, sprockets, chain guard and other parts are of excellent quality.

For the above reasons and their style, Rollfast bikes are among the best bicycles of their times. Customers’ feedback has always been great for these products. Among the long list of Rollfast bicycles, almost every model was a big hit on is life period, due to its design and individual characteristics. Overall, every Rollfast bicycle is a piece of art!

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