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The Sears Roebuck vintage bicycles were among the best bicycles of their time. They were produced by an American-based chain of departmental stores known as Sears Roebuck. It is quite amazing, but these bicycles are known to have outrageous designs.

Famous Sears famous bicycle models

Some of Sears’s famous bicycle models are:





Elgin Bluebird






Before and After the II World War

At first, Murray of Ohio and Westfield Mfg. Co. was used by Sears to introduce their special designs of vintage bicycles. The bicycles produced by Sears before the Second World War were branded with Elgin and J.C. Higgins after the World War. Both brands gained popularity, each one in its era.

The Elgin Era

The early era of Sears Roebuck vintage bicycles was before the Second World War. The brand name Elgin came into the market during the early era of vintage bicycles.

Different stylish bicycle models were produced before World War II for both genders of all ages. This includes 1923 Elgin, vintage pre-war woman Elgin bicycle from the 1930s, 1936 Elgin bluebird, vintage 1937 ladies Elgin bicycle, 1938 Elgin robin and the Elgin twinbar vintage fat tire cruiser, and more. Elgin vintage bicycles were very famous due to their style and affordable price.

The J.C. Higgins Era

After the Second World War came another era for Sears vintage bicycles: the J.C. Higgins era. These bikes are known for their American steel frames. The most famous Sears vintage bicycles of 1950 to 1960 were the Higgins 100 and the Flightliner, which were specially made for both genders of all ages. Vintage bicycles of that time were very stylish and had some enhanced features, such as:

Did you know…?

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Did you know that the first kids’ bikes produced by Sears Roebuck were unusually heavy?

During that time, motorcycles were all the rage among teenagers. To exploit this trend, Sears Roebuck made some larger, heavier, and more “fearsome” looking bicycles for their teenage target audience.

  • Silver paint
  • Beehive Springer
  • Fenders
  • Chrome tank
  • Rims
  • Rear carrier
  • Headlight
  • Balloon tires
  • And more..

In the 1960s, Sears introduced lightweight bicycle models to compete in the market. Lightweight bicycles are easy to ride for every rider. The most popular bike of that time was the Spaceliner of the 1960s . These Vintage bicycles were very comfortable for females.

If you have experienced riding one of these vintage bikes, you must have noticed that it has a wider saddle that has springs underneath it. These are missing in the latest bicycle models. On later models, Sears bikes had springs located above the wheels and on the frame, instead of springs underneath the saddle,

The Saddle

Sears Roebuck Vintage Bicycles

If you have ever had the opportunity to ride on one of the older generation bikes like the Sears Roebuck vintage “His and Hers free spirit” bicycle, you would have noticed the seats are wider. There is also a set of springs under the bike seat to provide suspension.On modern bikes you no longer get that because the suspensions are now located on the frame just above the wheel. There is a little bit of nostalgia for those interested in bikes like the vintage Sears Roebuck. The good thing for buyers is that they are affordable.

Sears Roebuck Vintage Bicycles Price

Unlike vintage Schwinn bicycles, the Sears brand doesn’t hold its value that well. If you go to a site like eBay, you can buy a Sears Roebuck for about $100. There are even vintage tandem bikes for a little over a hundred dollars.

What often pushes the prices of vintage bikes is the number of collectors interested in them. Sears is a well-known brand, but it is not devoted to bikes. If you were to look for exclusive brands with a long history of craftsmanship, the prices would generally be higher.

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  2. My dad had an old sears gasoline powered bicycle that I now have. It is on a 26″ frame. The engine is mounted above the front wheel. There is a gear reducer and a drum that contacts the front tire to drive it. I have never seen one. do not know anything about it or the possible value. Is there a resource for parts? I would like to get it running.

  3. I have a vintage sears bicycle motor number 298.48851. It was given to me by my aunt about 25 years ago. I have been asking around on the value. I wanted to get your option on the value. It has been in my attic since it was given to me.
    S Bathurst ohio

  4. Hi David,
    I have recently purchased a vintage 1959 JC Higgins “Flightliner” bicycle. This is just like the one I bought new in 1959. It doesn’t have the original seat ,so In would like to identify and purchase an original. Would you know what kind of seat would have been on it?

    • David
      Hi Glen
      Thank you so much for your comments about problems in uploading images.
      NOW I think that this issue of uploading images is fixed: would you please be king enough to try uploading your images again?
      Thank you again

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