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Oftentimes, when purchasing a vintage or antique bicycle, a great deal of work is required to make the bike “ridable,” or to restore the bicycle to its original condition. A bicycle work stand gives the collector a convenient place to restore their newest vintage, make working on vintage or antique bicycles a much easier, simple and enjoyable task.

Bicycle Repair Stands

Tip: Use bicycle work stands to elevate your bicycle.

Bicycle Repair Stands

One major advantage of bicycle work stands is that they allow you to elevate your bike. This makes it easy to work on the gears, derailleurs and wheels. You won’t have to turn your bicycle upside down, which can often cause severe damage to the seat post and handlebars of your precious vintage bicycle.

There are several different varieties of vintage bicycle work stands, but the one thing they have in common is they allow for quick and easy repairing or restoring of vintage bicycles.

Bicycle work stands are generally lightweight and portable, allowing them to be transported easily from place to place. Repair stands are the perfect tool for vintage bicycle enthusiasts and collectors who like to fix up their own vintage finds because they can conveniently do most of the work themselves to fix or restore their vintage bicycles.

Purchasing Bicycle Work Stands

Park Tool Home Repair Stand

Bicycle Repair Stands

The Park Tool PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand is a great gift option for those looking for a quality bicycle work stand. This stand is equipped with a cam-type clamp that allows for single action clamping of 24 to 76 millimeter tubes.

The Park Tool stand also features adjustable clamping pressure and replaceable jaw covers. Another tremendous feature found on this bicycle stand is its 3-point leg system with a reinforced center yolk that provides one of a kind stability.

Kettler Profi Bicycle Work Stand

Bicycle Repair Stands

The Kettler Profi Bicycle Workstand is another great tool for any avid collector looking to do some quick repair work on his or her vintage find.

This particular work stand is comprised of steel, making it very durable and long lasting. The Kettler Profi is easy to adjust for height with a convenient one-pull knob.

Another great feature of this repair stand that makes it a great gift choice, is its ability to fold up for storage in a vehicle or corner of a garage. The Kettler Profi only weighs 66 pounds.

Topeak PrepStand Bicycle Repair Stand

Bicycle Repair Stands

The Topeak Prepstand Max Repair Stand is another great tool for a vintage bicycle enthusiast to own. One of the best features on this repair stand is the non-marring rubber jaws clamp that can be used on any tube or bike. This is a great option for delicate vintage or antique bicycles.

This work stand is easy to fold and weighs very little making it a good gift choice for a cyclist who does not own a repair shop or wants a large, bulky stand that takes up a lot of room. The Topeak Prepstand Max weighs a convenient 55 pounds and includes a front wheel hook.

Cycle Pro Mechanic Bicycle Work Stand

Bicycle Repair Stands

The Aluminum Cycle Pro Mechanic Bicycle Stand is a slightly less expensive stand choice, but still a great option. It has a rotating clamp that allows clamping on the top tube or seat post.

It’s sturdy, light, and folds up for great portability. It allows height and head adjustments like more expensive models, and it’s really easy to use. Dollar for dollar, it’s a great stand and great tool for any vintage bicycle collector.

RAD Cycle Pro Bicycle Work Stand

Bicycle Repair Stands

RAD Cycle Pro Mechanic Bicycle Work Stand is a very inexpensive stand for collectors who do a little less work on their bicycle at home, but would still enjoy and appreciate a bicycle stand.

This stand comes equipped with a tool caddy to store and hold tools while working. It’s extremely portable, weighing only 18 pounds. It has great stability, it’s extremely durable, and its complete steel construction is sure to hold up well under any circumstances.

Feedback Sports Sport Work Stand

Bicycle Repair Stands

The Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Bicycle Stand is another great tool for any vintage collector or enthusiast. This particular bicycle repair stand features a clutch that allows for 360° rotation without re-adjusting the bicycle.

The Feedback Sports Stand only weighs 12 pounds, but can accommodate up to 65 lbs., making it a great choice for the competitive cyclist who desires the option to repair their bike anywhere at anytime.

Where to Buy Bicycle Repair Stands?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle repair stand you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Last Word about Bicycle Repair Stands

With so many vintage and antique bicycles on the market requiring repair, a bicycle work stand is a great tool for any vintage enthusiast to own and utilize. Collectors who like to restore their own vintage bicycles will appreciate the fact that bicycle repair stands are very affordable, easy to use and set up, durable, and easily transported. They are an essential tool for any vintage bicycle collector.

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