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Hi David

A friend of mine showed up with this bike in the back of his pick up one day wanting me to check it out. I had never seen one before and wanted to know a little about it. He didn’t have the whole bike, but he did have the frame, forks, tires and rims, neck and handlebars, main sprocket and the crank. I liked the bike from the start, but there was no way he was selling it and mainly wanted me to check out something cool.

Cool it was. Especially the split frame connecting the two frame pieces with a piece of metal. My friend Ricardo who I see often told me several months later he had to move and to do this he needed to sell the frame and would I buy it? Of course, I bought the bike but more to help my friend out than I needed another bike, so it sat for several years in the corner of my garage.

About a week or so, I pulled it out and did some looking around to see just what was going on with this bike. The first thing I found was nothing much. There weren’t many of these things around. Eventually, I was finding out more and more about this bike, and the spring steel connecting the lower frame pieces was one of the first times that bicycle manufacturers were thinking about the comfort of the rider instead of the overall looks of the bike. Well, that’s about all I’ve done on this one so far, but it is going to be my next project.

Enjoy, Dave Brown

My Monark Silver King Image Gallery

>Monark Hawthorne Duralium Pro Bicycle Restoration” title=”Monarch Hawthorne Duralium Pro Bicycle Restoration” border=”0″><br>Monarch Hawthorne Duralium Pro Restoration</center>
<p><center><img style=1950 JC Higgins restoration project
  • 1938 Monark Silver King restoration project
  • 1950 Monark Firestone Holiday restoration project
  • 1954 Schwinn Hornet restoration project
  • 1935 Girls Elgin restoration project
  • 1930 Elgin Cardinal restoration project
  • 1938 Red Hawthorne restoration project
  • 1937 Hawthorne Zep restoration project
  • 1930 Elgin Twinbar Deluxe restoration project
  • Monark Hawthorne Duralium Pro restoration project
  • 1948 Schwinn Whizzer restoration project

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