Scott’s Kids Western Flyer Vintage Bicycle

In this month you are invited to take a look and even help us identify Scott’s beautiful Western Flyer vintage bicycle. Here is what Scott wrote :

“I have a Western Flyer kid’s bicycle that I found in an old collapsed barn in the panhandle of Oklahoma. I was wondering if you could assist me in identifying it as far as worth and condition. Please take a look at these attached pictures:”

Vintage Bicycle of The Month

Vintage Bicycle of The Month

Vintage Bicycle of The Month

“I know is that this beautiful bike is a Western Flyer made in Belgium, but when it was made, who was the maker, how popular they were and what is their value?”

Thanks, Scott

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Finding information about our vintage bicycles is not an easy one. There is no one reliable source of information about all types of vintage bicycles that were made along the years, and for doing this complex task a team work is needed.

If you have a vintage bicycle that you like to share its pictures and history with others, or if you just like to know more information about your vintage bicycle or help other visitors finding information about their bikes, its maker and history, you are invited to write to us.

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Other Sources of Information

Although nothing is enjoyably and helpful as communicating with others, you can also use some other sources of information, like other websites about vintage bicycles and several books about the subject. Please take a look at some of these books:

Thank you so much for sharing your stories and knowledge, David