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  1. Please contact me by phone so I can ask you many questions about 3 vintage bikes that I am restoring and having a hard time finding parts for. Please contact me @ 715-323-1079. Thank you, Lep Piatz

  2. i have a very old vintage tru test bike and would like to get an appraisal for it value, it is in awesome condition my dad took it apart to restore nuts bolts is the only thing missing and the frame has little to no rust fenders have full surface rust pitting but not hole or thinning of the medal

  3. I’m not sure if I’ll get a response on this. I came across a kid’s Huffy bike, 16- inch, with solid tires. I know it is an old one but can find no info on it. It has a boys crossbar that can be taken off with the removal of 2 screws. It had two names on the side that I can remember but it was clownish. Thanks

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