1980 Peugeot P4 Convertible (Used - 22995 USD) 1980 Peugeot P4 Convertible
Used - 22995 USD
New - 13942.48 USD
Pair Of Brake Caliper Brackets For PEUGEOT 508 10-18 [L/R] /HZT-PE-008AP (New - 13283.1 USD) Pair Of Brake Caliper Brackets For PEUGEOT 508 10-18 [L/R] /HZT-PE-008AP
New - 13283.1 USD

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Vintage Peugeot bicycles are some of the most sought after vintage bicycles on the market. This French company has been around for a very long time, producing quality bicycles for more than a century.

History of Vintage Peugeot Bicycles

Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frederic Peugeot started the Peugeot Company in 1810. They converted a steel mill into a small manufacturing plant.

Tip: If your Peugeot bike was made in the early eighties, it should have long spoke reflectors.

As Peugeot has been producing bicycles for over 100 years, dating a Peugeot bicycle can be difficult.

The most popular Peugeot bike models were produced in the early eighties, however, and one distinguishing feature of the Peugeot products manufactured in this period is long spoke reflectors.

This tip might help you determine the age and/or authenticity of a Peugeot vintage bicycle.

By 1850 the famous Peugeot symbol, the lion, was patented, and soon Armand Peugeot turned the attention of the company to bicycles.

By 1882, Peugeot produced its first bicycle, the Grand Bi model, which was a Penny-Farthing bicycle. These are the bicycles with the massive front wheels and much smaller rear wheels. Because Armand focused so much on quality, the Peugeot Company quickly became known for its top of the line bicycles. This reputation has continued to this day, making these vintage bicycles so popular.

In 1896, Armand left the Peugeot Company in order to concentrate on building motorized vehicles. Armand’s cousin, Eugene, continued to produce bicycles at the rate of 20,000 a year by the early 1900s.

By WWI, Peugeot was manufacturing over 60,000 bicycles per year. Also, they were manufacturing motorcycles, engines, cars, trucks, and artillery. By the mid-1920s, the Peugeot Company split the car and bicycle portion of their company into two separate areas located at two separate plants.

By the 1930s, the company was producing over 160,000 bicycles per year. By the 1950s, they were producing over 220,000. Peugeot became a major employer during this time employing almost 3500 workers. Still, with an increased infatuation with automobiles, and a decreased interest in the cycling industry, the Peugeot Company nearly collapsed. By 1956, the number of bicycles produced by the company was nearly cut in half.

By the 1970s, the Peugeot Company had made a recovery, and its reputation for quality was second to none. Today, many Peugeot bicycles are highly sought after by enthusiasts and vintage collectors alike because of their reputation for quality.

Purchasing Vintage Peugeot Bicycles

Peugeot bicycles fetch a pretty good price on the market today. Some of these bicycles can get up to $3500.00 for mint condition, but they average between $300.00 and $500.00, which is a pretty good rate for the vintage cycling world. There is also a decent selection available on eBay.

Last Word about Vintage Peugeot Bicycles

Throughout history, the Peugeot Company has had its ups and downs but has come out on top with a great reputation for quality bicycles. Vintage Peugeot bikes are some of the most popular and sought after vintage bicycles on the market today, making their history quite a success.

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