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Bicycle parts define what a vintage bicycle is really about. The purpose of this article is to detail a few unique parts that make vintage bicycles so nostalgic to many people, as well as to include where you may purchase them.

General Information

Balloon Tires – These types of tires were first introduced to provide a smoother ride on rougher terrain and streets seen in the early 20th century. Balloon tires have become one of the distinguishing bicycle parts that separate vintage from modern. These tires can be purchased on Ebay or directly from a vintage bicycle manufacturer producer like Velorbis.

Frames – Vintage frames are very distinct and add to the nostalgia experienced by riding a vintage bicycle. They can be purchased on Ebay or from a supplier like classicbikeshop.

Handlebar Stems – Handlebar stems have changed drastically in today’s modern bicycles. If interested in a vintage handlebar stem, you can buy them on Ebay.

Tip: Try Vintage NOS

If you don’t like auction-style sales, Vintage NOS is a great place to get vintage parts.

eBay is an excellent place to grab a bargain on vintage bike parts, but the auction-style bidding system can turn a lot of buyers off. Vintage NOS has a huge selection of vintage bicycle parts which have undergone strict quality control procedures and are largely sold at fixed prices. They also bring in new products all the time.

Articles about Vintage Bicycle Parts

Antique Bicycle Parts – Collecting antique bicycle parts, just like antique bicycles, is an obsession all their own for many. Read ahead.

Bicycle Parts Online – With the ability to buy bicycle parts online, the Internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for people interested in building their own vintage bicycles or fixing vintage bicycles they have already purchased. Buying bicycle parts online makes it possible to find virtually any vintage part imaginable.

Classic Bicycle Parts – Many collectors and bicycle enthusiasts are as interested in classic bicycle parts as they are in vintage bicycles. What a thrill it is when you can’t find the perfect vintage bicycle that you can build your own!

Old Bicycle Parts – Many restorers and collectors alike won’t settle for vintage bicycles that have been restored with new, modern parts. Read ahead about real old bicycle parts, for real collectors.

Vintage Bicycle Brakes – Vintage bicycle brakes were much less sophisticated than braking systems used on bicycles today. Read ahead.

Where to Buy Vintage Bicycle Parts

There are several online stores where you can buy vintage bicycle parts. Here are my two favorite ones:

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