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Finding vintage folding bicycles for sale may sound like a difficult task. For one thing, folding bicycles are not as common as regular bicycles that do not fold. Second, specific vintage bicycles, especially those that fold, can be difficult to come by because there were not a whole lot produced in the first place. Luckily, vintage folding bicycles are out there if you know where to look, and they can be a great addition to a vintage bicycle collection.

Did you know…?

Did you know that foldable bicycles played an important role in the D-Day landings at Normandy during World War Two?

British paratroopers found them invaluable as the speed they offered gave the Allied soldiers the element of surprise. Sadly, most of those bicycles did not survive the battle or vintage bike collectors would surely be at each other’s throats trying to buy one!

History of Vintage Folding Bicycles

Before discussing the history of folding bicycles, it’s important to discuss exactly what a folding bicycle is. There are several historical references to “folding” bicycles, but they were more than likely “break-away” bicycles or bicycles that separate.

To be considered a genuine folding bicycle, the bicycle frame needs to be capable of collapsing while staying completely attached. There are many historical bicycles that fit this description, but it’s difficult to determine which of these bicycles came first, and who the true inventor of the foldable bicycle really is.

One of the first documented folding bicycles is credited to Emmit G. Lagga, an American inventor from the late 1800s. He was issued a patent in 1888, and he later sold the patent to the Pope Manufacturing Company. It is unclear whether this company ever mass-produced any of these folding bicycles because there aren’t any to be found.

There are several historical accounts that give credit for the foldable bicycle to the French military. The French military, as well as the Russian and Romanian armies used foldable bicycles for transportation. This was most likely the first foldable bicycle that was mass produced, and this production occurred in 1895.

Folding Bicycles are Gaining Popularity

From the early 1900s until around the 1960s, the history of the foldable bicycle is rather quiet. Not a lot happened for the foldable bicycle, and there wasn’t a whole lot of interest in folding bicycles for use by the general public.

The 1960s through the 1980s saw an increased interest in foldable bicycles, especially in Europe. They were popular for commuting by apartment dwellers rhat were short on space. Early folding bicycle producers at this time were Raleigh, Peugeot, and Bianchi.

By the 1970s, companies started to mass-produce folding bicycles. By the 1980s, David Hon started a company exclusively dedicated to folding bicycles. This company, Dahon, became the most popular bicycle company committed to folding bicycles only.

Today, there are over 100 brands of folding bicycle manufacturers, so even with a slow start; the folding bicycle is a popular item amongst bicycle enthusiasts today.

Where to Find Vintage Folding Bicycles for Sale

There are a lot of options for purchasing vintage folding bicycles. In addition to garage sales, yard sales, swap markets, and local shops, there is a great selection of vintage folding bicycles for sale on eBay. These bicycles range in price from around $100.00 up to $1400.00. As always, price differences depend on the make and model of the bicycle, the age of the bicycle, and the condition of the bicycle.

For more options regarding vintage folding bicycles for sale check local listings, such as Craigslist, as well as vintage shops, and flea markets.

Buying Vintage Folding Bicycles on eBay


If you’re interested in vintage folding bicycles for sale, make sure you do your homework. There are a lot of makes and models out there creating a lot more options than one would imagine. Know what you’re looking for and a fair asking price, and you’ll be armed to purchase a fantastic piece of history.

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