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Western Flyer Bicycle

You can find this Western-Flyer bicycle on eBay Western Flyer Bicycle

The Western Flyer bicycle has established itself in the history as one of the most iconic bicycle of the classical era. No wonder why these bicycles are among the most sorts after collectables

Before adding a Western Flyer to your vintage bicycles collection, let’s get to know these bicycles better.

Who Made the Western Flyers

The Western Flyer bicycle was the hallmark of the Western Auto Supply Company, which was founded back in 1909. The company initially consisted of a few automotive parts stores. However, in 1921, it started producing bicycles, and around 1930 the Western Flyer was born. The brand was synonymous with high quality and decent prices, which made this model as one of the enduring brands of the early 20th century.

Although Western Auto Supply owned the Western Flyer brand, along the years other manufacturers were producing Western Flyer bicycles. Some of the major Western Flyer manufacturers were:

These different manufacturers produced different designs, and in most cases, even the quality amongst manufactures differed to a certain extent. Take a look at some different Western Flyers made by different makers:

western flyer bicycle cleveland welding 1 Western Flyer Bicycle
Western Flyer made by
Cleveland Welding Company
western flyer bicycle murray 1 Western Flyer Bicycle
Western Flyer made by
Murray Bicycles
western flyer bicycle columbia 1 Western Flyer Bicycle
Western Flyer made by
Columbia Bicycles
western flyer bicycle western auto supply 1 Western Flyer Bicycle
Western Flyer made by
Western Auto Supply

Western Flyer’s Life Cycle & Characteristics

Did you know…?

Did you know that when Western Flyer bicycles were first produced by the Western Auto Supply Company, they only cost about $75?

Even in the 1940s and 50s, this was not a very large sum of money for a bicycle. In fact, Western Flyer bicycles’ main draw in those times was their reasonable prices which made them accessible to the masses.

How times have changed – Western Flyer vintage bikes Western Flyer Bicycle are now some of the rarest, most highly coveted bikes around.

The Western-Flyer bicycles were first introduced during the 1930′s, and were produced almost continuously until 1959. During this period, few of the models made it into the classics. Some of the best examples include the Speedline Airflo (1930s) and the Western Flyer X-53 (1950s).

The Western Flyers were renowned for their constant innovation. For instance, the Western Flyer X-53 featured a revolutionary new frame design made from hydrogen-brazed seamless steel.

Like the renowned Swiss Bicycles, this Western Flyer X-53 was built as a very sturdy machine. However, it was also quite heavy, weighing in at 76 pounds. Each year, different models would feature different colors. In fact, you can still use the serial number to identify the year of production of each bicycle.

Price and Availability

Today, you can only get your hands on one these classics through actions Western Flyer Bicycle or at antique shows. Prices of these bikes are usually in the range of $100-$1000, depending on their model and condition.

You may even stumble across a battered Western Flyer bicycle every now and then. If you have the energy and patience to fully restore the bicycle, you can resell it at a higher price or add it to your collection. However, bicycles in excellent original condition are still the most prized ones.

Unless you personally know the seller and sure of the authenticity of the bicycle it is generally not recommended to buy this vintage bicycle or any other classic bicycle on the internet. The problem is that these bikes are quite rear, and the Internet might be the only way for you to get them. In this case, I would recommend trying finding them at a trusty web site like eBay Western Flyer Bicycle. I find it very reliable source for this and other types of bicycles.

If you do locate a vintage bicycle for sale online, make sure you check the serial numbers and design features to ensure that you are not buying a fake. You can find many Wester Flyer bicycles on eBay Western Flyer Bicycle. Take a look:

Western Flyers on YouTube

You can find some interesting videos where people are sharing their experience with the Western Flyer Bikes. Take a look:

9 Responses to Western Flyer Bicycle

  1. Jill M

    I’m someone who loves attention (and please don’t blame me for that…it’s my nature:)) and I really need a vintage bicycle that would accord me real attention, you’ve got an idea of a suitable choice?

  2. David

    If you want to attract attention with your vintage bicycle, go for a unit from a renowned manufacturer. The brand of a vintage bicycle is the number one factor that adds worth to an antique bicycle. Consider leading manufacturers such as Shelby, and Trek.

  3. jerry younts

    I have a western flyer bicycle and want to sell I, m cleaning out my garage

    • Kevin

      Post images and we’ll help you figure out what gems you might have!

  4. Frank

    Looking for decals for late 1930s early 40s wester auto cruser for resteration this bike belong to my fatherinlaw useed on his paper rt restiring it as a gift to my wife just finished painting looking for seat and western auto pedels as well

  5. aris torno

    hi` just wondering… i found a bike w/out a head badge and found out it was a murray bike it has 2 sets of serial numbers 1 on the side of frame neck the other under the frame ( start w/ letter p4 ) where we put the one peace pedal set. what year this bike belongs

  6. Roberto alaniz

    I have two western flyer bikes wanting to sell ones a Jr and seen a picture on here for close to 500 and I have another one with a small tire on front and weird handle bars looking to sell both for 600 they been in a garage all this time anyone. Interested call me Roberto at 1 618 614 3591

  7. luis rodriguez

    i have a western flyer that i want to sell it is in mint condition but i don’t know how old it is… it was given to me by a neighbor the bike was his fathers and he rode it just a few times the only restoration was that i bought new tires for it and i changed the seat… please help me find the value of this bicycle

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