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Vintage Tricycles – Do You Remember Having One?

 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One? Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?

Collecting vintage tricycles has increased significantly in popularity in the past several years. Many popular bicycle manufacturers created stylish tricycles throughout their previous production phases, offering collectors an interesting variety of makes and models to choose from. Tricycles are available in models from the pre-1900s onward, allowing collectors to round out their collection no matter their specialty.

Did you know…?

Did you know that the very first tricycle may have been powered using hand cranks?

Historians have found evidence that the world’s first tricycle was built by a German man in 1680 who was paralyzed from the waist down.

It incorporated a three-wheeled design to help him maintain his balance and was powered by two hand cranks.

110 years later, the Frenchmen Blanchard and Maguier independently developed the first incarnation of the modern pedal-powered tricycle.

Sample Tricycles (Both Vintage and New)

Here you will find some articles about vintage tricycles. If you are looking for information about other classic bicycles, you are invited to visit the page about vintage bicycles.

big wheel tricycle menu 160 120 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
Big Wheel Tricycle

The Big Wheel tricycle is considered a must-have for many parents hoping to instill the love of bike riding in their children. Read more…

radio flyer tricycle menu 160 120 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
Radio Flyer Tricycle

A Radio Flyer tricycle is one of the most sought collectable from the classic era of bicycle manufacturing. These models are still being manufactured today due to their overwhelming popularity with collectors and parents looking for a bike that is easy to introduce to children learning to ride.

red tricycle menu 160 120 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
Red Tricycle

A red tricycle is a classic piece that every bike collector should have in their collection. There are a variety of makes and models available. Read more…

schwinn tricycle menu 160 120 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
Schwinn Tricycle

A Schwinn tricycle is a very popular collector’s item for bicycle enthusiasts. The Schwinn brand is well-known in bicycle sales and collecting circles. Read ahead…

wooden tricycle menu 160 120 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
Wooden Tricycle

A wooden tricycle has been a part of the bicycle collecting world since the late 1860s. Now-a-days many companies are offering new and refurbished versions of a classic wooden tricycle for enthusiasts to enjoy.

used tricycles menu 160 120 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
Used Tricycles

Buying used tricycles is a great way to get a vintage bike without having to pay more than the trike is worth. You can find a number of bicycles online from many makers and eras that can help you round out your collection.

trek tricycles menu 160 120 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
Trek Tricycles

Trek tricycles have been designed with little ones in mind for decades. Trek bikes are some of the newer models in collector’s circles, making them popular with those that would like to invest in models that will grow in popularity and value

murray tricycle menu 160 120 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
Murray Tricycle

A Murray tricycle is one of the most famous and sought after tricycles when it comes to the world of vintage tricycles and bicycles. These tricycles still fetch a great price in mint condition and they’re so much fun to add to a collection.

antique tricycles menu 160 120 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
Antique Tricycles

Antique tricycles are very popular today among bicycle, tricycle, and antique enthusiasts. The reason for their popularity is that tricycles are almost as early an invention as bicycles.

Classic Tricycle Manufacturers


One of the most popular bicycle brands for riders and collectors is Schwinn. Vintage and antique tricycles from many classic eras are still being produced, so collectors will need to determine if they would like a new model or a vintage piece that they will upkeep and restore. A classic Schwinn trademark is the brightly colored frame with high arching details that make it an attractive showpiece as well as comfortable to ride.

Western Auto Supply

Western Auto Supply is most known for producing the Western Flyer bicycle line. This included several attractive tricycles that are worth a great deal on the collectors market. Western Flyers were known for constantly providing innovations to frame style and handling, making them easier to ride and more suitable for long-term riders. Because of this, there is a great deal of variety from model to model.

Big Wheel

Big Wheels are often overlooked because they are a less expensive brand offering a plastic frame rather than metal or wood. However, these bikes are growing in popularity once again, making them valuable collectors pieces. Those interested in classic tricycles can easily find a Big Wheel in good condition to round out their collection.


Trek bicycles are not commonly associated with offering vintage bicycles because their line of modern sport bikes is so popular, but there are a number of vintage models that are ideal to round out any collection. Trek offers a few tricycle models that are ideal for new riders to help learn how to control a bike without help. With such a distinct building style, a Trek cycle is sure to fit in with any collection.

Collecting Classic Tricycles

Collecting vintage tricycles has become increasingly popular amongst bike dealers today. Most well-known bicycle brands offer a trademark tricycle that will fit in to any collection. Shopping online can help you find tricycles from any vintage or maker so you can easily find new pieces that are offered at a great price, offering plenty of room to purchase more pieces later.

Those that are interested in buying vintage models that are very old may find that it is difficult to find tricycles online that are in mint condition at a reasonable price. If you are willing to put in a bit of work to restore old tricycles you can wind up with a high quality piece that is sure to turn heads. Most classic bicycle manufacturers offer replacement parts and helpful guides that you can use to help get your vintage bikes back to its prime condition.

Whether you are a newcomer to the bicycle collecting world or you have been collecting for years, vintage tricycles are sure to offer plenty of sales appeal for your collection.

Recommended Books About Vintage Tricycles

 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One? Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?
 Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One? Vintage Tricycles   Do You Remember Having One?

13 Responses to Vintage Tricycles – Do You Remember Having One?

  1. jerry

    I just scored a Eaton’s deluxe tricycle and can’t find it anywhere on the internet. can you please help me? thanx

    • Kevin

      Hey, Jerry. Do you have any pictures of the tricycle you could upload?

      There are a few Eaton tricycles on ebay going for ~$100-200 USD.

      Eaton’s is a 100+ year old Canadian Department Store chain that filed for bankruptcy in 1999.

  2. ronnie

    hi just picked up a Flying O O tasco tricycle small with a chain drive on rear wheel and it works missing seat I cant find any info on this tricycle

  3. Ardent Tricyclist

    Hey, your post made me get all my hopes high on Schwinn vintage tricycle…I was disappointed at the state of the one I bought recently…a lot of restoration to be done…

    • David

      Indeed, Schwinn is one of the best you can get when it comes to vintage tricycles. However, be careful next time so that you don’t settle for an over-used unit.

  4. mike

    Try to find whAt brand tricycle i have i know it was built before 1963 it was bought for my dad the rear tire are on casters have no pic right now wounded if any one heard of one or what the were called thank you for your time

  5. Chris

    Can any one ID this tricycle head badge, first two letters kind of look like Ch
    Thank you

  6. Chris

  7. Michelle Baker

    I just picked up a tricycle that says Earle, Detroit MI 16392. It is a little bigger than a regular tricycle for a little kid. I cannot find any information on it at all. I got it at an estate sale where the 90 yr. old retired from Ford Motor Company. If someone can point me in a direction I would appreciate it.

  8. Tom mckinstry

    I have a Redbird Jr. tricycle. I can’t find anything about It, ie year manufacture or where I can find parts. Any ideas?

  9. Chad Knight

    I have a 1937 or 1939 Garton “teacup” tricycle that I bought at an antique store here in Topeka Kansas. I am trying to find information on finding replacement parts or original parts. What I am needing is the 7″ rim with tire on it and the two rear 4 1/2″ wheels. If anybody has any information on where I can find these replacement parts or original parts it would be appreciated very much. All the rims are a solid cone shape /\
    \/ like this, not the spoke rims. I have looked all over the internet and can’t find any parts. Im looking forward to hearing back from you guys soon. Thanks, Chad

    • David

      Hi Chad
      Can you send more information and pictures of your Garton tricycle?
      Thank you

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