A Schwinn tricycle is a very popular collector’s item for bicycle enthusiasts. The Schwinn brand is well-known in bicycle sales and collecting circles. A tricycle from this line can easily become a jewel in any collection, or a wonderful piece to pass down to new generations of bike riders

About Schwinn

Schwinn has been designing, manufacturing and selling bicycles for over 100 years. They are one of the most well-known and popular names in the bicycling world. In addition to their traditional and vintage styles that Schwinn is known for, you can purchase a modern Schwinn 3-wheel bike in most cycling stores.

The Schwinn line includes several types of bikes that are sure to suit any collector or rider. Standard street bikes, tricycles, “walk ‘n’ roll” kids bikes and the Le Tour Legacy line are all readily available for those interested in riding a Schwinn cycle.

Because of their high quality manufacturing, it is easy to find a vintage Schwinn tricycle that is in great shape. It is also easy to find replacement parts and expert restoration guides that will allow you to take an old piece and make it look like new, ensuring that you will be able to keep your Schwinn in great shape for years to come.

Did you know…?

Schwinn Tricycle

Did you know that the curved handlebars on models such as the Schwinn Roadster Trike are known colloquially as “mustache handlebars”?

These handlebars look like mustaches because these bikes were built to look like vintage motorcycles. The curved design also makes it easier for shorter children to hold and control the handlebars without having to stretch their arms too far.

Unique Models

There are a number of styles of Schwinn bicycles from different eras, which gives collectors a great deal of room when it comes to selecting a piece for their collection. Shopping by year or body type can help collectors find the perfect Schwinn tricycle for their collection.

Schwinn Roadster Red Tricycle

Schwinn Tricycle

The Schwinn Roadster collection is a popular competitor for more modern Big Wheel tricycles. This tricycle comes in a classic red, blue or pink, each with color coordinating tassels on the handlebars and a stylish chrome finish on the handlebars and wheel covers. The low to the ground design gives the feel of a motorcycle while promoting safety for children still learning to ride. The frame is topped off by a heavy-duty plastic seat that is sure to stand up to the elements if the bike is ridden in poor weather or left outdoors.

Schwinn Meridian Tricycle

Schwinn Tricycle

There are also several Schwinn tricycle models produced for adults, such as the Meridian 26″ Trike. These models use full-sized bicycle wheels on an adult-sized frame to create a unique riding experience. The heavy-duty frame is balanced by a basket between the back wheels and a solid handbrake system, making this model ideal for those that would need to use their bicycle for shopping or towing along their belongings.

Buying a Schwinn Tricycle on eBay


Collectors and shoppers can see a great deal of benefit from investing in a Schwinn model tricycle.

A great deal of care is put into the construction, making each model sturdy and reliable as well as an attractive showpiece. Schwinn tricycles were designed with pint-sized riders in mind, so all construction is geared toward a smaller sized rider rather than paring down a larger bicycle size.

Schwinn models are relatively easy to find on eBay. New and used models frequently change hands at a variety of prices. Finding the right model is as easy as determining which vintage and body style matches your personal taste the most so you can start narrowing down where to shop.

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