Trek tricycles designed with little ones in mind for decades. Trek bikes are some of the newer models in collector’s circles, making them popular with those that would like to invest in models that will grow in popularity and value in the coming years. Many Trek models focus on sport and high-quality riding, helping to guarantee a solid construction for any product that comes off the line.

About Trek

Trek has built high-quality bicycles for decades, focusing on models ideal for off-road biking or race environments.

In addition to providing high-quality construction for adults, models of Trek tricycles include high-quality construction that makes it easy for children to learn how to ride on their own.

Trek bicycles are made from high quality, light metal frames that allow for maximum speed and maneuvering, and this technology included in even the most basic tricycle on their line.

In addition to their line of Trek tricycles, Trek provides a unique line of women’s bicycles, road bike, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes and a full line of kid’s bikes. Each line designed to meet the specific needs of each client that will be using them, creating a unique body style that is very practical and allows for the maximum amount of control in any riding conditions. Trek bikes make excellent collector’s pieces because they last for years without wearing out, and each has a unique look that cannot be matched or copied by any other company.

Unique Models

The classic Trek Trikester Blue Tricycle offers the look and feel that is so classic to a Trek bike.

Did you know…?

Did you know that despite its age, the classic Trek Trikester offers so much control to the rider, it can be used to drift?

When they designed the Trikester, Trek recognized that children were enamored by the stunts performed by motocross riders and BMX cyclists and wanted to enable children to practice these stunts safely. That’s why this vintage bicycle with a classic design can be used to perform decidedly modern tricks.

In addition to offering a solid navy blue and white frame, the bike is set on large rubber tires that guarantee that your child will be able to maintain control no matter where they ride. The sleek look designed with the optimum amount of riding comfort and style in mind, adding a distinct look that cannot be matched.

In addition to classic Trek tricycles, the Trek line also offers a set of trainer bikes that are perfect for kids learning to ride on their own. The first in this line is the Jet 12, a detailed bike with adjustable components that can be resized as your child grows for easy riding. This bike comes in a classic Trek black and blue color scheme, but it matches the Mystic 12 for those that are looking for a bike with a more feminine look. Both bikes offer a high-tensile steel frame with steel hubs and brake lines for ultimate control and safety while riding.

Buying Trek and Other Tricycles on eBay

Vintage Anthony Brothers Convert-O Aluminum Lo Boy Tricycle (Used - 2300 USD)Vintage Anthony Brothers Convert-O Aluminum Lo Boy Tricycle
(Used - 2300 USD)
Anthony Brothers Lo Boy Tricycle Vintage Convert-O Aluminum Hand Pedal Trike HTF (Used - 1999 USD)Anthony Brothers Lo Boy Tricycle Vintage Convert-O Aluminum Hand Pedal Trike HTF
(Used - 1999 USD)
Glitzy Bella Swarovski Covered Tricycle- Morgan (Used - 1650 USD)Glitzy Bella Swarovski Covered Tricycle- Morgan
(Used - 1650 USD)
Horse Tricycle Pedal Car Tractor American National Gendron Steel Craft Eska   (Used - 1495 USD)Horse Tricycle Pedal Car Tractor American National Gendron Steel Craft Eska
(Used - 1495 USD)


When it comes to introducing sportbikes to children, you cannot go wrong with Trek tricycles. This bicycle line designed to offer riders of all ages and skill levels a comfortable riding experience that allows for maximum control and speed in every landscape. There is no mistaking a Trek for any other bike line, making it an ideal piece for collectors that want to add a specific style to their collection.

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