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The very first bicycle was invented in 1817, but it took over 100 years until the banana seat bicycle was invented. This bicycle is very nostalgic for many individuals, bringing back the days of their childhood, and luckily for banana seat lovers, this fun bicycle is making a comeback.


The banana seaters were first produced by the Schwinn Company in 1963. This first bicycle, the “Sting Ray” had a banana seat and high-rise handlebars making it look like a “chopper” motorcycle. This new look was an instant success for the company.

The banana seat bike had a long, padded seat that allowed more than one rider to ride comfortably at the same time. Banana seat bikes were the top selling bicycles for several companies, including Huffy, Sears, and Schwinn throughout the 1960’s and partway through the 1970’s. There were even modified models of the banana seat bike, designed for off-road use.

As BMX bicycles and mountain bikes became more popular, the banana seater became less popular. People were becoming more interested in serious off-roading, opting for lighter bike frames, chunkier wheels, and more streamlined seats, leading to a decrease in popularity for banana seat bikes in the early 1980’s.

Lately, as vintage and antique bicycles are becoming more popular, banana seat bikes are experiencing a “resurrection” in popularity. The popularity of these bicycles is evident when you check online auction sites such as eBay. The listings and purchases of banana seaters truly verifies a rising trend for these nostalgic bicycles.

Did you know…?

Did you know that before tandem bikes became popular, banana seat bicycles were the most common mode of transport for young couples?

The banana seats were longer than the modern bike seats we see today and could thus accommodate two people comfortably.

In the 1960s and 70s, it was common to see a man pedaling away on his banana seat bicycle with his partner perched daintily on the seat behind him!

Buying Tips

The best place to buy vintage bicycles, including banana seat bikes is eBay. Take a look at this Sting Ray bicycle from Schwinn:


Banana seat bicycles are usually light weight and fun to ride, especially since you can ride with a friend! With the funky, 1970’s designs, cool chrome fenders, high handlebars, and long seats, banana seat bikes look as fun as they are to ride. These bicycles are great collectors’ items and really take you back to the days of your childhood.

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